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Updated: Sep 9

A message on 4-4-4

The Garden of Our Hearts

I am writing this post on April 4, 2020 which is 4-4-4! It is an exciting day to officially say hello to the world through this website. I was fortunate to be able to spend time gardening today and the picture above just wanted to be shared with my hello message!

This feels like a beautiful time (as it always is) to connect with our heart space, to listen to our deepest truths and to find the depth of peace that is available to us at all times.

I thought about Jesus many times today. Some of you may call this the Christ Consciousness, and it is the same. The open heart produces a field that emanates unconditional love. It is a place of union of Heaven and Earth. The heart is the balance, it is the space of non-judgment and the heart itself leads us to recognize the full extent our freedom.

I was thinking about the circumstances in the world on this day and how the event prophesied called the 'Second Coming' is indeed occurring Now. There is much I could say on this topic; however, I will share that in thinking about Jesus today, I was pondering his invitation to us to choose Love.

We have "trained" for millennia for this time. Are we able to confront uncertainty, change and seemingly disastrous events with the Love and complete faith of the Christ? To say, "God, I trust you even though my human self may not understand at this moment"? In a way, we are collectively being challenged to confront death. Isn't it fear of death that causes such upset at this time? The perceived lack of control of the situation with the possibility of death has many upset. However, we have planned our deaths, as a Creator and with the Creator, prior to incarnating into this life experience. (Of course, sometimes these things can be "renegotiated" on a spiritual level based on our life choices.)

My point is that I urge us all to step into our recognition of our creative abilities gifted to us by the Creator and to realize that we have the opportunity choose in every moment. Jesus said that we would do things greater than he had done. What did he mean? Do you believe that? Because in order to believe those words, you must step into your power as a sovereign and Be the Creator that You Are. That means choosing in every moment how you will respond to the situation presented.

It is not necessary to flow with the stream of fear. There is another choice available at all times. It is the choice of Love. And the more time we spend in the garden of our hearts, the easier it becomes to choose Love every time - even when we do not yet understand the reasons for our personal or collective experiences.