Trusting the Present Moment

Updated: Sep 9

I have a card deck of inspirational quotes from Amma. It has probably a hundred cards, but there are a few that I keep around and stay close in my mind. One favorite Amma quote says: “When you trust in the present moment, your energy will be here and now.”

I had a massage this morning and there was a lot of intensity. I was carrying some long-held tension and the massage therapist did a great job of talking to the body and helping to release old patterns of muscle memory. Amma’s quote about trusting the present moment kept running through my mind as I was experiencing some discomfort. She was calling me to stay really present with the process and reminding me that our trust is not only to be offered when things are comfortable. Trust is forged in the moments when we choose to stay present with all aspects of reality. Ironically, when we stay present in discomfort, we may find that it passes much more quickly. When we seek to distract ourselves with thoughts, food, conversation or whatever else we choose, then we “stuff” the discomfort into a space that will eventually have to be cleaned out anyway.

This week I have found flower essences very supportive as I have recognized some material coming up from deep within for integration. My allies this week have been Crab Apple, Blackberry, White Chestnut and Rescue Remedy. I keep Rescue Remedy on hand pretty much all the time. I may go for as long as a month or two without taking it, but that is rare. It is such a wonderful support for any kind of imbalance – it really helps me come back to center quickly! Crab Apple is great for people with any obsessive tendencies, including obsessive thoughts, ODC issues and any issues with perfectionism or cleanliness. I think Blackberry is most known for the way it supports manifestation efforts – and it does! However, I have always worked with Blackberry as a purifier of thoughts, and it is great at this also. White Chestnut is great for quieting the mind and providing relief from unwanted thoughts. If you tend to have an overactive mental body and/or lots of vata (if you know your dosha), then White Chestnut is a great friend for you. For me, Crab Apple, Blackberry and White Chestnut have worked together to cleanse the mind of negative patterned thought responses to energy that is coming up for review and integration.

While those are my flower friends for this week, in my July newsletter I highlighted two essences I felt appropriate for this month—Honeysuckle and Toadflax. These essences help call our energy into the present moment. Honeysuckle helps us to release the past and Toadflax helps us call back energy we have projected into the future. Together, they are an elixir for staying Present with What Is.

May all who choose do well with staying present this week.

With Love, Orianna

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