Those Who Came Before

Updated: Sep 9

Thinking about our ancestors...

(Photo: Ancestor Monument in Finland)

Tomorrow is the July new moon. I know a Vedic astrologer who gives a full moon and a new moon forecast every month, and I often read her bi-weekly posts. (If you want to check out her site, click here.) This morning I visited her site and learned that in Vedic astrology, today is called Aadi Amavasya—a powerful day to honor the ancestors. I looked this up on the website Astroved and it says: Aadi Amavasya is one of the three most powerful New Moon days to offer Tarpanam (ancestral rituals) to honor your ancestors and receive their eternal blessings.”

I did not think too much about ancestors today until this evening. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been watching the British television series Merlin. Over these past weeks, through that program and other reading that I have done, I have given much thought to the topic of magic. I feel magical in my blood and in my bones, and I suppose on some level I deeply relate to Merlin. It feels so good to say that “out loud,” as I have come to a deeper appreciation of the times in our collective history when it was not accepted to have spiritual gifts. For whatever else is going on in the world right now, many of us have a freedom that is unprecedented – the freedom to publicly acknowledge what we believe.

In the show, the idea of future freedom to publicly be “who he was” was what kept Merlin going. The quest for a united, peaceful and free Albion (old name for the island of Great Britain) was the driving force of the show. There is an episode when Merlin meets another magician and tries to convince him to use his magic for good. At the end of the show, they part as kin, through the shared bond of their gifts. For whatever reason, this brought to my mind the many, many generations of kin that came before me. Not only the ancestors of my bloodline of this present life, but of the lives of all my relations. There is an honest and deep respect in my heart this evening for my kin, which includes many life forms that are no longer visible on this Earth. My kin are seen and unseen beings. My heart is big enough to hold them and my consciousness is wide enough to see and recognize them.

As it is a beautiful day to pray for the ancestors, let me honor the fact that I am in a place and time of great freedom, where I can post my prayer publicly:

Lord, please shower all my relations with your grace, with your light and with your love; that according to your will and theirs, they may know the purity of your love that also exists within them. Let them know that they are honored, and respected. And may they be free always and in all ways according to your will. Please accept this prayer from the purest place within my heart. Amen.

With deepest honor and respect, Orianna