The Invitation

Updated: Sep 9

I watched the last two episodes of Making the Cut this morning and that show brought forward an aspect of myself that is very strong, passionate and vocal. For some time, I have had a dynamic tension between my respect for the Earth and my proclivity towards luxury. I am a Taurus sun sign which is ruled by the planet Venus.

As some may know, Venus is a planet associated with sensuality and beauty, refinement and riches. Some spiritualists may choose to shy away from embracing their Venusian qualities for fear of being lured by the physical and forgetting the True Self—which is much more than (but also includes) the physical body. The Truth that stands with me today is that the body is the physical manifestation of the Divine, it is Divinity Itself, and my own personal spiritual view includes a worship of the Earth in order to come into “right relationship” with Her and my own physical body. (See…very Venus.)

Over the past years I have endeavored to care more deeply for my body and the environment by eliminating my use of chemicals such as dryer sheets, traditional cleaning products and mainstream beauty care brands. I have studied herbalism extensively and I take supplements in favor of typical over the counter medications. (Although I truly feel that they have their place and I do take them if needed.) As the humans and other inhabitants of Earth are going through difficulty with the coronavirus, I feel like She is cleansing and cleansing. It feels, to me, like a sacred process as I tap into this just now. And at the end of this ‘time,’ we will all be born into a new place, a new space. What will we choose going forward?

This morning I had some thoughts about beauty and our western model of production and consumption. On Making the Cut, one of the designers, Johnny Cota, called his fashion show “Metamorphosis” and featured looks with butterflies. In his brand presentation, he spoke about his past fear of using his name as his clothing brand—it is “scary” all the judges agreed. And yet, we witnessed his journey of overcoming fear and doubt; he had the courage to show himself authentically and birth something new into the world.

The term metamorphosis is about transforming from an immature form into an adult form. In a sense, being willing to stand up and BE SEEN. How many of us are willing to stand and be counted for exactly who we are? That is spiritual adulthood. Taking command, cutting the excuses and taking responsibility for our lives. In a sense, it is stepping into the light and saying, “This is Who I Am,” without shame, no longer being controlled by fear. Sometimes I have spoken of this as a process of "getting naked" before God. There is a story in Genesis in which Adam and Eve cover themselves with leaves to hide from God after they have eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I feel that the fall was partially about the introduction of the feeling of shame in that moment. Embodied authenticity gives shame no quarter.

How many of us are willing to stand and be counted for exactly who we are?

I have mentioned before that the Mother says that we are all equal, we are all beautiful, we are all inherently worthy because We Are aspects of the Divine. It is time to drop the shame and the fear of being seen for who we really are. It is the fear of judgment by others that some allow to control them—resulting in missed chances, missed opportunities to walk into the life one has always dreamed of. In fact, one participant on the show, Sander Bos, pointed this out quite bluntly. He said that two months ago he was flipping burgers and thinking “What the f**k? Is this