The Invitation

I watched the last two episodes of Making the Cut this morning and that show brought forward an aspect of myself that is very strong, passionate and vocal. For some time, I have had a dynamic tension between my respect for the Earth and my proclivity towards luxury. I am a Taurus sun sign which is ruled by the planet Venus. As some may know, Venus is a planet associated with sensuality and beauty, refinement and riches. Some spiritualists may choose to shy away from embracing their Venusian qualities for fear of being lured by the physical and forgetting the True Self—which is much more than (but also includes) the physical body. The Truth that stands with me today is that the body is the physical manifestation of the Divine, it is Divinity Itself, and my own personal spiritual view includes a worship of the Earth in order to come into “right relationship” with Her and my own physical body. (See…very Venus.)

Over the past years I have endeavored to care more deeply for my body and the environment by eliminating my use of chemicals such as dryer sheets, traditional cleaning products and mainstream beauty care brands. I have studied herbalism extensively and I take supplements in favor of typical over the counter medications. (Although I truly feel that they have their place and I do take them if needed.) As the humans and other inhabitants of Earth are going through difficulty with the coronavirus, I feel like She is cleansing and cleansing. It feels, to me, like a sacred process as I tap into this just now. And at the end of this ‘time,’ we will all be born into a new place, a new space. What will we choose going forward?

This morning I had some thoughts about beauty and our western model of production and consumption. On Making the Cut, one of the designers, Johnny Cota, called his fashion show “Metamorphosis” and featured looks with butterflies. In his brand presentation, he spoke about his past fear of using his name as his clothing brand—it is “scary” all the judges agreed. And yet, we witnessed his journey of overcoming fear and doubt; he had the courage to show himself authentically and birth something new into the world. The term metamorphosis is about transforming from an immature form into an adult form. In a sense, being willing to stand up and BE SEEN. How many of us are willing to stand and be counted for exactly who we are? That is spiritual adulthood. Taking command, cutting the excuses and taking responsibility for our lives. In a sense, it is stepping into the light and saying, “This is Who I Am,” without shame, no longer being controlled by fear. Sometimes I have spoken of this as a process of "getting naked" before God. There is a story in Genesis in which Adam and Eve cover themselves with leaves to hide from God after they have eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I feel that the fall was partially about the introduction of the feeling of shame in that moment. Embodied authenticity gives shame no quarter.

I have mentioned before that the Mother says that we are all equal, we are all beautiful, we are all inherently worthy because We Are aspects of the Divine. It is time to drop the shame and the fear of being seen for who we really are. It is the fear of judgment by others that some allow to control them—resulting in missed chances, missed opportunities to walk into the life one has always dreamed of. In fact, one participant on the show, Sander Bos, pointed this out quite bluntly. He said that two months ago he was flipping burgers and thinking “What the f**k? Is this really going to work out?” And then two months later he “walked into the reality he dreamed of”—launching his brand in an NYC pop up with Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell buying his clothes.

I was so inspired, I went to the Amazon store and purchased two of Johnny Cota’s pieces, including a sweatshirt with a butterfly. I thought more about the relationship between individual human creativity and the Earth. I pose a question: Do you think Mother Earth had any issues with one of her children creating a beautiful line of clothing and offering that out to the world? My own (Venusian) answer is that no, I don’t. What I have come to understand that expressing through beauty and art, even luxury, can be pure. It can be pure because it comes from an authentic place from within the heart, from our most Divine Self.

One caution is about allowing creations to be too influenced by outside opinions. It is one thing to accept another’s feedback and see it as something helpful for your own growth. However, it is also extraordinarily important to recognize where the input is truly coming from. Allowing oneself to be too guided by “consumer opinion” can most certainly dilute the purity of any creation. (The contestant Ester on the show indeed had challenge with this as she was somewhat pressured to make clothing more commercially accessible which she did not feel would have been authentic expression.)

I want to go a little deeper on this topic. Most people on the planet are currently driven by ego, which is not to be condemned, though it can be recognized as an aspect of false self. Comments and criticisms from others can sometimes be posed as “constructive,” when really it is coming from a shadow aspect of another’s consciousness. Most often they are totally unaware of their own motivations and even believe on some level that they are truly being helpful. Therefore, when you are creating purely from a space of your heart and you receive outside “feedback,” it is recommended to check in with yourself about this input to see if it resonates with you—so that you do not unconsciously fall into someone else’s idea of who you should be, as this often leads one astray. (And if this does happen, that is perfect also, because at some point you will recognize it, and then you will learn from that experience also.)

So why did I title this post “The Invitation?” This is a commonly used term and idea, though perhaps for good reason. We can invite ourselves and others to create or experience many different things in this human experience. When I thought of this title, I was talking to my own inner community, including the purest space within my own heart. I would like to request that all parts of myself come together in support of a common goal—to allow what is authentically creative to be birthed into this reality. Watching this show made me realize how much creativity within myself is lying dormant and is longing to be expressed. (Yes, I do believe that television shows, even ones about fashion, can have a deeply spiritual effect!) And so, I invite the changes that need to come about for my most authentic creativity to be FULLY SHOWN on this planet, in this Now moment. And for anyone reading this, if you so choose to accept this Invitation, I fully support your own desire to authentically birth your own pure Divine creativity into this world. (Simply close your eyes right now and intend it, and it shall be so.)

I do not want to close this post without coming back to the topic of the Earth, creativity and luxury. What if you really desire to create something like a massive clothing brand that will be sold to millions of people? Should we all rail against such projects with the assumption that they promote unhealthy commercialism and environmental damage? I thought about Mother Earth and tapped into what I hear from Her. What is most important currently is that humans learn to respect the Earth for the many lessons and riches that She holds. There is a balance, a weighing. In Native American traditions they often make offerings to the Earth. Perhaps it is time to see the wisdom of these practices rather than look down on them as barbaric or tribal. She says that a key mistake of the settlers in what is now called the United States is that they did not assimilate more of the native culture—it was more of a one way influence when there was the possibility available for a very helpful melding of culture. Making offerings to the Earth has an energetic significance—there is a two-way exchange, a balance. The raping of resources has depleted the Earth as humans have co-opted Her energy to serve the false self. As we awaken, we will naturally understand balance and its’ importance.

So, whatever you are authentically called to do from your pure heart, there are two things recommended to consider: 1) what is the impact of what you are taking? and, 2) what you are giving back? It is quite unique for each individual regarding how one chooses to come to balance. Some may give money, some may plant trees, some may entirely change their lifestyle and move into a small home. What is important also is not to judge others in how they choose to balance, or to assume that they are unbalanced. I personally have plans for a rather large home. I would like to host artists and creative people and have a modern-day salon culture. This is very Venusian, and it may look luxurious and completely ostentatious to someone whose astrological influences are more influenced towards asceticism. Rest in knowing that this outer appearance will lose its significance. Soon, many of you will come to be able to FEEL balance. As one awakens to the Truth of reality, the heart opens, and feelings come to the surface to be processed. Many become very sensitive to the feeling of energy—of places and spaces and the energy of beings both within and outside of human form. As you accept the Invitation to birth from your pure heart, Spirit responds by helping you to awaken to what is True. As this happens, let yourself be guided by the FEELING of energy. The thoughts in your mind can confuse you, but the FEELING sense is incapable of deception. Follow what FEELS authentic and you are indeed on your way home. When it FEELS right, you indeed are in balance. May all who choose bring their authentic creativity forward in courage and shine their gifts for all to see, that we may all be in awe of this Divine creation. This is The Invitation.

And So It Is.

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