Practical Process for Heart Centering

Updated: Sep 9

Good Morning!

It is a lovely Saturday morning and I wanted to share something with you. I just watched a video from Soluntra King (Connecting to the Source Within) that gave some excellent practical advice about how to access the heart - not only how to be 'centered' in the heart, but also how to access information from the heart.

There are so many spiritual clichés that circulate on the internet. I actually do enjoy inspiring quotes and I share them on social media sometimes. However, I recognize that practical guidance is often missing. Even in my first Aleerie blog post 'The Garden of Our Hearts,' I talk about tending to our hearts but at that time I did not provide practical guidance about what that means or how to do it.

In her video, Soluntra provides a beautiful guided meditation for centering yourself and then asking a question from the heart. The exercise, if repeated, strengthens the ability to access this wisdom anytime without needing to meditate or go through a long centering process. You begin to recognize the vibration of the heart, and the True Self, and with your conscious engagement this connection becomes stronger. This is a very practical, beneficial protocol for this time. She provides this video free of charge; however, you can make a donation on her site and she has provided that information in the notes.

Thank you Soluntra for this work and thanks to all of you beautiful beings who are walking the path of the heart.

With love,


P.S. I had a lovely meditation experience while listening to Soluntra's video and I had the image of wheat come up - it just feels great for this post!