How to Work Productively with the Cycles of Nature

Updated: Sep 9

Mother Nature is not here for you; she is you and you are her.

“We are physical matter, just like the earth. But we are not in tune with the earth. We are more attuned to the speed of the Internet than to the steadiness of the trees.” — Christine Arylo.

What I see in the news most often pits humans against nature. “Oh no, there’s another hurricane!” and “The fires are destroying everything.” And of course, this year, there is also “the virus.”

Have you stopped to consider that nature is not trying to punish you, but rather that these events are meant to help wake you up to situations you have been ignoring, unconscious of, or otherwise complacent about? While I don't deny human hardship, grief, and loss, I also look at natural happenings as a great gift. Big events wake us up.

When big things are going on externally, you can bet that big things are going on internally.

Whether you are religious, spiritual, atheist, or none of the above, you have an internal world. And drawing the attention inward is the work of a lifetime.

What we see with our eyes as our external reality is the manifestation of unseen energies that exist within our being. Within our inner community, we have many diverse sub-personalities — each with agendas, desires, hopes, and dreams.

Often, our inner communities are in turmoil, and we fight with ourselves internally. This is easy to spot any time you have a decision to make and you become conflicted. The ego-mind jumps in and tells you what you should do, your various child personalities tell you whether you are good enough, and your heart tells you what is most nourishing for your soul.

In this scenario, most humans give way to the ego-mind, adhering to a whole litany of “should programs” running in the subconscious mind. These shoulds are inherited from our parents, pastors, friends, teachers, and even ancestors.

Following these shoulds keeps us out of our authenticity and complacent with what is going on around us.

I recently watched an episode of the Rich Roll Podcast featuring an interview with Erin Brockovich. Brockovich spoke about the complacency that took place in communities that knew that their water supply was toxic.

When a big company and a scientist tell you that everything is fine, but your gut tells you this is a lie, what do you do?

Erin said that in prior decades, community members had tried to change the system, but failed. Their failure was because of false beliefs such as they couldn’t understand science or were not knowledgeable enough to speak with a doctor.