2020 Vision & Archangel Metatron

Updated: Sep 9

I wrote in a post yesterday about how in shamanic cultures a shaman may travel to another world to ask for a vision to hold to help the community manifest the best possible future. I decided to do my own little exercise last night. I got quiet and asked Archangel Metatron for his counsel. I asked if there was a vision to hold. Here I want to disclose that I consider Archangel Metatron a friend. From my own experience he is a powerful being of Love that is also quite skilled in architecture. Many in the spiritual community associate Metatron with sacred geometry, the building blocks of the universe. Whenever I have questions of energetic body “architecture,” I have recognized his angelic energy shows up; therefore, my experience of Metatron is part faith and part personal experience.

I realized that I had some expectations. I “thought” that I would get some vision of how things could be – for example, a vision of people living in community, or everyone living in abundance, having enough to eat, etc. My expectation was limited to a view of a collective outer circumstance. But what came was surprising. What he brought to attention was to hold the vision of new energetic connections between people, between beings. It could be interpreted as new connections from the sacral chakra center, but that is not the whole view. What he offered was a new energetic template for relating one to another. As our personal neurology reflects the structure of a tree, we are individual; however, the root systems of the forest are all connected, and the roots intertwined. What was given was a template of a new “interface” of human-to-human relations.

When I was just now thinking of this post, the Iris flower came to speak about vision. Iris gives the gift of clarity of vision.* Iris gifts us with the eyes to see, she says. Metatron says that to connect with others in love, we must see them clearly; therefore, the Iris is a complement to the energetic template he is offering. Iris is also opening our vision to possibilities. Just as I was limited by my expectations of what a collective vision may be, she opens our vision to the expanse of potentialities. There is a massive energy of freedom on offer.

My conscious mind did not fully comprehend, nor can I articulate this template in any further detail. However, if you have found this post, I can say that this template is available to you in this Now moment. If this resonates with you, close your eyes and receive this template into your heart, and it shall be freely gifted to you. Amen.

With love, Orianna

*The Iris flower essence came to mind, and specifically the essence made by Isha Lerner, which can be found here if that is of interest to you.