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Awakening 101!

  • Awakening 101 Online

    Valid for one year
    • 13 course modules to help expand your awareness
    • Detailed practice exercises for each module
    • Additional reading recommendations on each topic
    • 2 guided meditations (Bonus material!)

This course includes 13 modules focused on increasing awareness and helping you connect with your true self.


Module topics include: 

  • Cultivating Presence

  • Meditation

  • Working with Flower Essences

  • Working with Crystals

  • Planets and Stars

  • Sound Healing

  • Cleansing with Water & Salt 

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Forms of Divination

  • Cultivating Body Awareness

  • Systems of Energy Work

  • Cultivating Self Mastery

  • Practicing the Middle Path

You will learn about the 13 topics above, choose from practice suggestions included in the course and receive a list of additional reading for topics you would like to explore in more depth. While this course will expand your mind, I hope that it will also ignite your heart light so that you can see the path forward on your own awakening journey! 

This course is great for anyone on the spiritual path, regardless of religious beliefs. 

Free BONUS Material!

  • Guided Meditation 1 - Clearing the Mind (~5 minutes)

  • Guided Meditation 2 - Angel Energy Healing Four Body Alignment (~22 minutes)

Course Description

Extra Bonus offer for Course Participants!!

Anyone who purchases my Awakening 101 course is eligible to receive a 50% discount on a private 1:1 energy healing session. If you would like sign up for this offer, please fill out a contact form and let me know and I will be in touch!

Course Q&A

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The course is entirely self-paced, so it is up to you! The modules include a combined 3.5 hours of content. The two bonus meditations combined are a little less than 30 minutes.

How long will i Have access to the course?

The system is set up for access for 1 year. If you would like access to materials for longer than 12 months, let me know and I would be happy to extend your time!

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