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Have you ever seen the movie Under the Tuscan Sun? Lindsay Duncan’s character Katherine recounts her story of meeting Federico Fellini. Katherine quotes him as saying “you have to live spherically, in many directions…” I love this reference as it points to the amazing multi-dimensional beings that we are. I feel like more and more I live spherically…in many directions. Why lead off with this? Because as I was thinking about how to tell my story, I realized that there is not just one perspective. There are so many facets of my experience that it makes it difficult to communicate in words, though I have included below some of the events that led to me creating this website and connecting with you in this Now moment.


I felt different as a child. I wrote poems about love that no one around me understood. I grew up in a religious environment that was not suited to my All Loving nature. I then spent many years doing the things that society expects – education, corporate jobs, etc. I had an awakening experience in my early 20s that I didn’t know what to do with, so I swept it under the carpet and tried to forget. I had no frame of reference for it, and so tried to just be like everyone else. In fact, I spent a long time wanting to be like other people and fit in.


In my early 30s, I became pregnant and the father of my child decided not to participate so I became a single mother. While I was pregnant, I began to change the foods I ate. I tried to eat blueberries every day. Asparagus, shrimp and foods loaded with DHA were my priority. I intuitively knew that I needed to do everything I could to support the brain development of my child. I mention this because there was something significant that shifted after I had my son. My focus was different, and I was more intuitive. I later heard the saying that when a child is born there are two births – one of a child and one of a mother. This is such a beautiful thing to recognize!


Mothering was awkward for me at first, though I see now that becoming an Earthly mother was pointing me in the direction of my true nature. I continued to try to support us financially through traditional jobs and activities, yet something did not feel quite right. In 2012, when my son was 3 years old, I prayed. I prayed to understand the true meaning of the atonement of Christ discussed in the bible – what did it really mean? I read spiritual books. I tried meditation for the first time. My life shifted very quickly from a focus on the outer landscape to a focus on the inner landscape. Over the next 8 years I worked with energy healers, shamans, nutritionists, herbalists, chiropractors and acupuncturists and completed multiple energy healing practitioner trainings. I met Amma in 2014 and felt pure love for the first time in this life while in her presence. My son and I subsequently visited Amma many times, including a trip to India in 2017.


As I reflect on this now, I realize that God has been in the process of answering my original prayer in layer upon layer. I know now that the meaning of the atonement is “at-one-ment”; and it includes the process of becoming whole unto one’s self – becoming established in an elevated, mandalic (spherical!) state of consciousness beyond all perspectives of duality.


I secretly wanted to focus my work and employment on Love. And yet, there was a lot of resistance! I worked with some amazing channels and energy healers and I finally had to realize (“real eyes”) that I was attracted to these people because of what we had in common! 


Not long ago at the time of this writing, I offered an energy healing session to a new friend. It was right after Christmas. During the holidays I had re-watched the movie Avatar. There is a scene where a warrior is at a sacred tree and praying to the Divine for help to win a battle. His mate sees him and says that the Great Mother doesn’t take sides – that she only protects the balance of life. I found myself mentioning this in the session with my friend and I have thought about it many times since.


It is really the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, that is coming forth in these changing times as humans expand their consciousness. She says:


“You are worthy, exactly as you are. I love you always. There is nothing that you could ever do to sequester or separate yourself from my love. It is always available, no matter who you are or what you feel you have done. Your worthiness is inherent. So feel free to drop whatever judgments you have of yourself. All of your experiences are just that – experiences. They are not ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ they are simply information. It is up to you what you choose to experience, and I have no agenda to affect your choices. For true love honors freedom. I love you unconditionally and always. And so it is.”


It is the unconditional love and deep abiding peace of the Mother that I commit to bring to my posts, videos and personal sessions. I look forward to meeting and working with so many of you. And so, in this eternal Now moment, this journey continues…spherically.


Education & Certifications

  • Master's degree in Leadership

  • Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner

  • Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (YTT 200)

  • Qigong Instructor

  • American Tai Chi and Qigong Association, Member