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I'm Orianna, founder of Aleerie. I am inspired to work with people who are in the process of awakening and creating from a place of authenticity.

I realized that what I can best share in this world is love and one way to do that is through working with people to help them love themselves and complete their heart-driven creative projects.


Through my creativity coaching session, I assist people in staying focused on their goals and overcoming resistance and challenges. I am excited to hear about what you are doing, whether it is a screenplay, a sculpture or a beautiful garden!

I also provide natural beauty coaching for people who want to increase their self care and explore natural and healthy ways to support their body. This is a recent article I wrote about how these sessions begin: What Happens In a Natural Beauty Coaching Session.


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"My [session] with Orianna was amazing! Everything she said was on point with what I needed to hear and knew were a lot of the things I’m needing to surrender into, letting go of and trusting my intuition. It was like her words came from my higher self. [It] was beautiful and exactly what I needed. She was super easy to talk to, compassionate, and unjudgmental, like talking to an old friend. I would highly recommend her! Thank you Orianna!" - Alissa B.