Services for Heart-centered Living

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ABOUT Aleerie

Hi, Welcome!

I'm Orianna, founder of Aleerie.


I am inspired to work with people who are interested in living a heart-centered life. 

I realized that what I can best share in this world is love and one way to do that is through working with people to help them love themselves.

I provide one-on-one energy sessions based on many years of personal study and spiritual exploration. I am also passionate about creating, and would love to support you in bringing your heart-centered creative project into the world.

I am excited to work with you if you are inspired to book a session. May you be well, and let your heart lead!

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Start Your Journey...

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with a one-on-one session


"My [session] with Orianna was amazing! Everything she said was on point with what I needed to hear and knew were a lot of the things I’m needing to surrender into, letting go of and trusting my intuition. It was like her words came from my higher self. [It] was beautiful and exactly what I needed. She was super easy to talk to, compassionate, and unjudgmental, like talking to an old friend. I would highly recommend her! Thank you Orianna!" - Alissa B.